Meeting Information


  1. - 9/19-23,    ICPEPA-12, Suzhou, China (DL: will be announced)


  1. -10/12-15, APLS2021, Hakodate, Japan (DL: will be announced)

  2. -11/3-5,     ISOT2021, Besancon, France (DL: will be announced)

  3. -9/13-17,   ICO-25, Dresden, Germany (DL: will be announced)


  1. -12/18,      DHIP2020, Beppu, Japan (one-day web workshop,  limited number of participants)

  2. -11/14-17, OPJ2020, Hamamatsu (DL: 9月20日) (Web conference)

  3. -10/13-15, IWH2020, Sun Moon Lake,Taiwan

  4. -10/11-13, SPIE/COS Photonics Asia 2020, Beijing, China (Web conference)

  5. -9/13-17,   OSA, FiO/LS, Washington D.C., USA  (Web conference)

  6. -9/11-12,   Information Photonics 2020, Taipei, Taiwan

Lab news

Sep. 8, The CORE’s building is introduced on ASAHI newspaper. The title is “The wind rings light symphony.”

This picture was taken with a lens of CANON EF85 F1.2L.

Aug. 25-28, Invited talk in IMID2020 (Web conference)

Y. Hayasaki & K. Kumagai, “Volumetric Display with Femtosecond Laser Excited Voxels”

Aug. 26, White flog appeared at CORE

Aug. 21, Our research of “Measure swimming daphnia” is selected as one of Japanese optics researches in 2019 in KOGAKU (OSJ-published Journal)

8/15, Appeared in Optics Letters

Q. D. Pham and Y. Hayasaki, “Area coding method in frequency comb...,” Opt. Lett. 45, 4393 (2020)

Aug. 7, Dr. S. Hasegawa won HODIC Suzuki-Okada Memorial Prize (Technology Award)   

Aug. 1, Feng Chia University,Distinguished chair Professor

July 31, Handbook of Laser Micro- and Nano-Engineering (Springer) was published

Hayasaki & Hasegawa “Optics for Spatially Tailored Ultrashort Pulse Laser Beam Micro-/Nanoprocessing

July 12, Dynamically changing clouds in rainy season (Baiu) (36.618423, 139.846033)

Heavy rains gave damages in many places in Japan.  Nature is beautiful, and gives grace and severity.

July 10, Amabier displayed on bubble display

“YOUKAI” that appeared in Kumamoto long long time ago. I am “AMABIE” living in the sea, Although good harvests will continue for the six years, infectious diseases will spread. Show people my picture.

July 1, Appeared in JJAP

H. Ishigaki, T.  Mamiya, Y. Hayasaki, Digital holography with a set of two close ...,” JJAP 59, SOOE03 (2020)

June 27, The hydrangea looks so cute. This is a fun during the rainy season.

June 16, Appeared in Optics Letter

H. Zhang, S. Hasegawa, H. Takahashi, H. Toyoda, Y. Hayasaki, “In-system optimization of hologram for high-stability parallel laser processing,” Opt. Lett. 45, 3344 (2020).

June 4 Night, “Small” stag beetle (male) appeared at CORE building

June 5 Lunch time, “Small” stag beetle (female) appeared at CORE building

June12 Lunch time, “Sawtooth” stag beetle (male) appeared near the lecture building

May 9, Flowering

May 7, Appeared in Applied Optics

K. Mori, Y. Hayasaki, K. Araki, “Fundamental ray aberration analysis: extension ...,” Appl. Opt. 59, 4466 (2020).

Apr. 30, The 3rd Monthly Research Meeting of Hayasaki’s Lab

Presentation Competition,
T. Tanaka,
S. MIura,
Y. SHImamoto ,
T. Ujiie

Apr. 23, Special Section of The 13th Japan-Finland Joint Symposium on Optics in Engineering (OIE'19)

Y. Ogura, N. Hagan, Y. Hayasaki, J. J. Sasrinen, S. Taue,  E. Vartieinen, M. Yokota, Opt. Rev. 27, 177, (2020)

Apr. 23, Appeared in Optical Review

Y. Hayasaki, R. Sato, “Single-pixel camera with hole-array disk,“ Opt. Rev. 27, 252-257 (2020).

Apr. 22, Dogwood(36.550562, 139.929280)

Apr. 16, New five members

Ishida, Iwase, Ozawa, Nonaka, Miura

Apr. 16, Appeared in Applied Optics

Q. D. Pham, Y. Hayasaki, “Area coding method in frequency comb ..,” Appl. Opt. 59, 3608  (2020).

March 31, Cherry Blossoms, Little bit early for ordinary year

March 28, Rape Blossoms(36.627407, 139.882379)

March 24, Souvenir form the graduated students in Hayasaki’s Lb

March 24, Souvenirs form the graduated students in Dept. Opt. Eng.

March 18, Plate and budge of OSA Fellow arrived.

March 10, A paper from OSA for paper refereeing

It is written as “Two or more scientific paper review.” I had 6 OSA paper reviewing in 2019.

Feb. 4 Beginning of spring, indicated by plum blossoms (36.551122, 139.929764)